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Manuel Garay Drops Dope Track Titled ‘Broken’

Manuel Garay, a record producer and DJ based in Munich, Germany, just dropped a brand new fire joint titled ‘Broken.’ On the track, he teamed up with Yaz Aiyla and Joshua Benjamin, who created a special vibe. The trio showcases relationship struggles in a dialog-build narrative, and while the conversation goes, Manuel Garay switches between tempos and adds differently structured layers of sounds on the beat. The song is a great weekend chillout tune which features the talented vocalists. ‘Broken’ is a flawless mix of Hip-Hop, EDM, and R&B, which is full of passion, and profound and intense lyrics.

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Originally from Munich, Manuel Garay is a progressive music producer that has had a steady presence in the German electronic music scene since the age of 18, he toured internationally with his previous act ‘Cocolores,’ in which he was signed to berlin based label Exploited Records. In his most recent work a new freedom is evident in his sound as he works to incorporate influences from an international sphere. The aim is to write and produce songs with singers that maintain a unique touch in their very own way. New exciting projects are in the pipeline for this upcoming Producer and DJ as a true tastemaker, one to keep an eye on.

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