Mark Clennon, Nikki Nelms and Danie Sierra Team Up On Collaborative Photoshoot for Tequila Herradura’s “Extraordinary People” Campaign


NYC native Danie Sierra draws from her Nuyorican upbringing to inform her artistic practice. In the early stages of her career, she worked as a personal shopper for a popular streetwear label, later expanding her practice into creative directing, modeling and styling. During the photoshoot, the stylist steps away from boxy and oversized street styles, experimenting with voluminous, floor-length dresses for an ethereal, dreamlike aesthetic. “For Cassandra, I wanted her to be super femme, which I don’t usually do much in styling. I usually draw inspiration from streetwear and menswear. It just reminded me of back home — greenery and Caribbean island life. I knew I wanted to play with bright colors, different knits and leather. In reality, we don’t really wear that [on the island]. It’s too hot, but I knew I wanted to layer,” notes Sierra. Contrasting fabrics, like cotton dresses, summer-ready linen and knitted midis, paired alongside Nelms’ hair art bring dynamic flavor to the trio’s initial concept. Departing from her work in menswear, Sierra’s styling direction celebrates the vivid colors and textures home to agave with graceful effect.