Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell Reunite for the First TimeSince Sexual Harassment Incident

Tisha Campbell-Martin and Martin Lawrence were spotted together for the first time since her mid-’90s harrasment lawsuit against the comedian. The sighting is helping to fuel rumors that Martin, the classic TV show that both Campbell-Martin and Lawrence starred in in the Ď90s, is due for a reboot.

Those rumors got started when Lawrenceís fiancee posted the showís logo on Instagram and said that her favorite show might be coming back. Lawrence himself responded to the post with a peeping eyes emoji. Now, Martin himself has sent out a photo three the principal cast members getting together with a slick reference to one the showís most famous catchphrases on emblazoned on Campbell-Martinís clothing.

ďIn the words Ice Cube, today was a good day,Ē Martin wrote under the pics.

But their getting together was by no means a sure thing. The original series largely fell apart after Campbell-Martin sued Lawrence for ďrepeated and escalating” instances sexual harassment.