Martin Lawrence Reacts To Kendrick Lamar Walking Out Of Interview Over "Martin"

You better know yours 1990s sitcoms when talking to K-Dot.

Anyone who’s hoping to sit down with better know who Martin Lawrence is or the rapper will cut the interview short. As the two accomplished actors have been actively hitting the press circuit. Typically, the longtime friends are featured in interviews together, but Martin recently hit up The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon solo.

While on the late-night talk show, Martin revisited some memories including his time as a boxer and at Sears. and what it was like having a hit show in the 1990s. It came up in conversation that Kendrick Lamar is a big-time fan of Martin, so much so that he once walked out of an interview because the host didn’t know about the series.

Fallon played the over-seven-years-old clip for the comedian where the host asked K-Dot what he does after he finishes his live shows. “I go and watch Martin,” Kendrick said. The host asked him to repeat himself. “Martin. Watch Martin, and eat Fruity Pebbles.” She then asked him what “Martin” is and he can’t believe she doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Martin. Martin! Martin Lawrence,” he said while trying to jog her memory with a slight impersonation. When she said “I’m not aware, but I know Fruity Pebbles,” Kendrick . Martin couldn’t help but give a hearty laugh before he said, “That’s the end of her career!” Check out the clip below.

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