Martin Scorcese Sleeping During Eminem’s Oscars Performance Was Hilarious

Eminem’s performance wasn’t enough to keep Martin Scorcese from dozing off.

The 92nd Academy Awards ceremony took place  and, much like every year, people were painfully waiting for the big categories to be announced so they could enjoy some much-needed slumber. As with past iterations of the show, last night seemed to drag on incessantly but, thankfully, there were several moments keeping us entertained throughout the evening. From Billie Eilish’s meme-worthy reaction to Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig, , and  there was enough keeping us on our toes to wait for the eventual Best Picture announcement. The crowd appeared to be feeling Em’s eighteen-years-late stage show, singing along to his world-famous track but one man legend was notably a little sleepy during the ordeal.

Martin Scorcese Sleeping During Eminem's Oscars Performance Was Hilarious
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Martin Scorcese, director of The Irishman (of which the harshest critics have ironically referred to it as a three-and-a-half-hour snoozefest), was captured on the hard camera during ‘s surprise show-out but he did not look to be enjoying the performance one bit. Perhaps just trying to get through the rest of the night, the 77-year-old icon was dozing off in the middle of the high-energy display, clearly not too into Slim Shady.

As noted by Highsnobiety, Scorcese wasn’t the only person not totally turned on by the random nature of Eminem’s performance; Billie Eilish (who recently ) and Idina Menzel both looked pretty perplexed during the showing. 

Relive the moment below.

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