Maryland’s Next Rap Star Lor Sosa Has A Story To Tell

IMG_1405 Maryland’s Next Rap Star Lor Sosa Has A Story To Tell

DMV artist, rapper, and musician in the making, Jonathon Griffin, or more known in music as, Lor Sosa, transparently admits to having no real musical training. From him being a fan of music and culture his desire to create his own emerged. “I could be watching a movie,” Sosa says, “and while everyone else is focused on the screenplay, I tend to be just as entertained with the musical production. I like the way that music can be used as such a powerful driving force for strong emotional stimulation. It’s always there in my mind,” he continues.

Most musicians, especially with advancements in technology have seemed to grow distant from the art that is making music. Music production has become more commercialized and it has become a trend amongst people to just make a quick track and put it out. Quality over quantity has been Sosa’s calling card to his success. With only three songs in total out, Sosa has obtained over 2.8 million views on YouTube between the tracks. With tracks like “Blink” and “What It Was” Sosa has managed to win over a substantial group of supporters, on Instagram he has over 80,000 followers. A patent sound, unique flow, and real lyrics have been the formula for Sosa’s breakthrough year. The future is promising for the Baltimore native, to stay up to date everything Lor Sosa click the link below:


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