Mase Disproves 50 Cent’s Accusations About Fivio Foreign Publishing Rights

Mase cleared up allegations made by 50 Cent that he”s holding on to rapper Fivio Foreigns rights while asking Diddy for his own.

A few remarks made by during his recent interview with Cigar Talk caused to be called a hypocrite. Recently, Mase called out ‘s affirmations of “black excellence” after . The Harlem World rapper share don Instagram that he tried to purchase his publishing rights from Diddy for $2 million, but the Bad Boy CEO was waiting to hear from another “European” buyer.

Mase Disproves 50 Cent's Accusations About Fivio Foreign Publishing Rights
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Mase’s accusations sparked a dialogue within the industry about what’s considered to be a shady deal compared to a shrewd business decision. Fif brought up the topic on Cigar Talk with host Naji. ” said 50 Cent. “Fivio [Foreign]. He’s doing the same thing that they did to you, boy. What the f*ck you crying about some sh*t that somebody did to you and you doing it to someone else? Get the f*ck out of here, man.”

The information was shared throughout social media as a fact and Mase stood accused of being a hypocrite, but Naji took to Twitter to say that Mr. Betha showed receipts that proved what 50 Cent said wasn’t true. “PSA: I spoke to Mase today. He called me & showed me paperwork saying he took 0% of Fivio Foreign’s publishing rights,” Naji wrote. “. But, we will have clarity soon, on a lot of issues. #CigarTalk.”

That could a hint that Mase will soon have a feature of his own on Cigar Talk, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Check out Fif’s episode of Cigar Talk along with Naji’s tweets below.

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