Master P Doesn’t Have Beef With Lil Twist But Contends "GUHH" Is "Fake"

Master P and Romeo Miller were called out by Lil Twist after they exited “Growing Up Hip Hop” following allegations that the show is fake.

We’re not sure if there is more Growing Up Hip Hop drama off-screen than on television. The WEtv series has found that cast members are dropping like flies ever since Miller and his father . , who has starred in two seasons of the Los Angeles edition of the series, about how they’re being portrayed on television. Master P shared a behind-the-scenes video to social media that showed him arguing with production about their choice to drag out Romeo’s storyline with Angela Simmons. Percy Miller has returned to say that he’s not trying to beef with anyone about his choice to protect his energy and his brand.

Master P Doesn't Have Beef With Lil Twist But Contends "GUHH" Is "Fake"
Jerritt Clark / Stringer / Getty Images

“‘Who are the haters in ya neighborhood?!?!’ They putting us against each other for bread,” he wrote in the caption to a video he posted to Instagram. “It wasn’t good a week ago but it was good 5 seasons ago, when the show was about building kings and queens of families in Hip-hop. I have no beef with nun of these younstas.  so nothing you see now is in real time so that’s why this show is fake. We left a couple mill on the table, I have one question who did they give that to? That’s why education and ownership is so important.”

In the video clip, he mentions Lil Twist’s remarks. “My beef is not with Lil Twist,” he said. “A lot of these fake producers, they fake! That’s it. Because the real producer that started the show, she don’t even want her name on here. And I got that on video. I can show you that, too.” He encouraged others to. He also mentioned Charlamagne Tha God, and that may be because The Breakfast Club discussed the controversy on their show today (May 20). Check it all out below.

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