Master P Says He Nearly Fought Kobe Bryant Until Lamar Odom Intervened

It’s hard to deny everything that Master P has accomplished over his career and helped move the culture forward. His record label, No Limit, is still one of the most iconic hip hop labels of all time and their influence is still evident in rap today, whether through sounds, aesthetic or business. Master P’s done more aside from music, though. He was also had a brief stint in the NBA. In a recent conversation on Van Lathan’s The Red Pill Podcast, Master P revealed the time that he and Kobe Bryant “almost got into it.”

Master P explained to Van Lathan that things got heated between him and Kobe Bryant this one time when he was visiting the Laker’s facilty. 

“I almost got into it with Kobe before at the Laker’s facility,” he said. “Lamar Odom kind of cooled it off.”

When asked about how it got to that point, the rapper simply said, “I mean, you know how Kobe is. The Lakers’ is his facilities. That’s his place, so you know. It was just one of those things.”

While he admitted it wasn’t that serious, he said that they had a couple words. However, he insinuated that it could’ve escalated quickly. “I don’t really have many words when it gets to that.” He said. 

From how Master P describes it, it sounds like it may have been Kobe’s ego at the time. He claimed it was just “small talk” but maybe we’ll hear Kobe’s side of the story at some point.

Check the clip  TMZ and full podcast below.

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