Master P Was About to Beat Kobe's A$$ Until Lamar Odom Stopped Him

During an interview with TMZ Sports, Master P (ne Percy Robert Miller) spilled a little tea about an altercation between himself and Kobe Bryant. According to Miller, the squabble between him and the 39-year-old former pro basketball player which he smoothly referred to as “lil small talk” would have definitely come to blows had a third party not stepped in.

A little bit after Miller, who is a former professional ball player himself, was playing, he budded heads with Kobe at the Lakers’ facility.

“You know how Kobe is… “

Master P Was About to Beat Kobe's A$$ Until Lamar Odom Stopped Him

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Miller most definitely didn’t share the ins and outs of the disagreement, opting to down play the situation instead. “You know how Kobe is… The Lakers is his facility,” he said.

“It was just one of those things… That’s his place, which it was, but you know…” he continued during The Red Pill podcast, before insinuating that Kobe was bothered because “things” weren’t going according to his liking.

“We had a couple words,” the hip-hop giant told host Van Lathan. When asked “who had more words,” Master P answered, “I really don’t have that many words when it get to that.”

Luckily a level head was there to help settle things. “Lamar Odom kinda cooled it off,” Miller revealed.


Aside from dodging fights, Master P is the latest rapper to be hit with a massive tax bill. The former No Limit head apparently owes the IRS around $1.5 million, and hes refusing to pay up. So, the folks over at the IRS have hit him with a lien.

The Blast reports that the unpaid taxes in question come from more than a decade ago. Master P owes taxes from 2004 ($1,199,769.48), 2005 ($305,245.73) and 2008 ($4,447.50). The grand total for the unpaid taxes comes to $1,509,462.71, the outlet reported.

They added that the agency is considering seizing the assets and property of Percy Miller if he doesnt come around to their way of thinking, but hopefully, they wont come for the New Orleans Gators, Millers recently launched mixed-gender basketball franchise. He announced that he was heading up the effort to bring a new team to his hometown late last yar.

Many business people and celebrities have their eyes on the new professional basketball franchise in New Orleans, he wrote on Instagram. But today, Percy Miller was able to close the deal with the GMGB organization, the press release/IG caption read. It continued:

Mr. Miller was born and raised in New Orleans and basketball has been a passion of his since childhood. Owning the New Orleans Gators is a great fit for him and the City, bringing family entertainment and basketball together in one arena is exciting for the community. Putting professional men and women athletes on the basketball court at one time is unique. And giving women equal pay as the men will even the playing field in the Global Mixed Gender Basketball League.

Funny Money

Master P Was About to Beat Kobe's A$$ Until Lamar Odom Stopped Him

Credit: Celsea Lauren/Getty Images

Its also not the first time that Master P has been in the news over funny money. He and Kodak Black went back and forth on social media after the young rapper accused Miller of asking him for money to provide mentorship.

Master P denied the claims and said that he was merely trying to warn Kodak away from his lawyer, who he views as dishonest.

The real story is how much money does Theo Sedlmayr make off Kodak Black, he said in an Instagram caption.

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