Master Peace ft Kasien – Slow Song [Video]

Master Peace is back in the reviews once again with yet another infectious anthem thats slowly but surely catapulting his genre-defying soundscape into the mainstream charts – this time linking up with one of the pioneers within the London rap scene Kaisen on the harmonically cheeky offering Slow Song.

Straight off the bat Peace eases us into the track with one of his intoxicating choruses that seems to captivate us from the jump. It seems way too easy for the guy at this point – like it really just isnt fair for the rest of the game when it comes to this guys levels of songwriting and execution. The East London talent eases into a harmony for the first few bars then breaks off into a melodic verse after the first breakdown, as he stems back to his underground roots pattering across the assortment of trap infused hi hats and thumbing kicks courtesy of his production team: Jacob Mason, Gina Kushka, George Reid and Riccardo Damaoin on the mixing. The composers riddle the anthem with the usual foundation that makes up any Master Peace banger: twanging guitar progressions, angelic synths/keys and soft distant harmonies – inducing the audience into a head rocking trance as Peace breaks into those unique vocals one more time before passing the baton to Kasien. K sways from swaggered cadences, witty wordplay and displaying versatility within a short stinted melody about a wild late night in to some slow songs.

Peace marries the dreamy anthem with visuals curated by his go to creative director Sahra Zadat who also happens to be the genius behind the visual direction of tracks such as PNE, PDA and Regular Feelings. Zadat sets the two riding around the night stricken streets of the capital making their way through an underpass with one comment suggesting they never thought anyone could make the Rotherhithe Tunnel look cool *fire emoji*. Kaisen takes the wheel of the red drop top Audi, as Peace harmonises in the front seat sporting a matching red leather jacket. The video is portraying young people enjoying every moment of life and expressing their true self with an underground flair Zadat states. 

From shelling underground shows back in the day to having his self defined indie-pop broadcasted within a Made in Chelsea episode – Master Peace is carving his initials into the industry one etch at a time, as release by release he seems to be gaining a greater understanding of himself as an artist and what steps he needs to take in order to hit those charts.

Who knows, maybe the release of his upcoming EP Public Display of Affection is whatll set him off – but till then you might as well run up those numbers on Slow Song.

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