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Matt Bird Teams-Up With Jameel Na’im X & Dot Demo On The Smooth & Slow-Paced Banger “It’s Possible”

Artist, Music Producer and Audio Engineer Matt Bird has teamed-up with fellow artists Jameel Na’im X and Dot Demo on his latest production, the smooth and slow-paced urban banger titled “It’s Possible.” Matt Bird spends his time between Baltimore, Miami, and New York, always in search of new inspirations and collaborations with talented artists. 

“It’s Possible” is a track off Matt Bird’s newly released 3-track single “The Scenic Route,” which also includes the tracks “Street Cred” and “The Reality Is.” 

He follows-up in style to his 2019 EP titled Southern Comfort. A versatile urban artist who can juggle between different roles, Bird is well on his way to generating a solid momentum set to increase his exposure and presence in Hip-Hop and music. 

If you haven’t checked him out yet, make sure to get familiar with this incredibly talented artist’s latest release. 

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