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Max Kellerman Provides Bold Kevin Durant & Michael Jordan Hot Take: Watch

Kellerman is known to get people riled up with his opinions.

There is no denying the impact ESPN’s First Take has on sports culture when it comes to thoughts and opinions. Despite this impact, that doesn’t mean they are immune from saying some pretty blasphemous things in relation to some of the best athletes in the world. On yesterday’s episode of First Take,  about and his legacy moving forward. As Kellerman explains in the clip below, he believes KD has the potential to be on the same level as , as long as he wins a championship with the Brooklyn Nets.

Per Kellerman:

“KD will never be as good as he once was because half the game is defense. As a result of that, he has the chance now to be greater than he’s ever been. If , as the diminished version of himself, can lead the Brooklyn Nets to a championship in the biggest, most intense media market in the world, in the center of the known universe, in a town that hasn’t won a basketball championship on a professional level since the New York Nets in 1976 in the ABA when Doctor J. was the MVP or on an NBA level since 1973 when the Knicks won or in Brooklyn on any level, in any sport, since the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1955. If Kevin Durant can do that, he will enter the conversation as when you talk about Jordan, well, who else? He would truly enter that conversation.”

There is no denying that Durant is an all-time great, but putting him on the same level as Jordan is just a little bit premature. What do you think of Kellerman’s opinion? Do you agree?


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