Max's Live At Home Concert: Recap

Max performed a Billboard Live At-Home concert on Friday (May 1) to raise money for Montefiore Medical Center, a hospital in The Bronx, NY currently fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 27-year old singer sat with his guitarist in his L.A.-based studio to give fans a taste of some of his favorite songs. Some of them were fan-favorites like “Love Me Less,” but he also brought out older favorites, like his 2016 single “Lights Down Low.”

Fans were also delighted when the star gave the official live debut of his brand new song “Missed Calls,” a soulful pop slow-jam featuring Hayley Kiyoko where the two sing about the fallout of a relationship. “I used to have so many missed calls,” he sang. “Now I just sit around and miss your calls.”

Max said that his first real interaction with Lesbian Jesus herself was when he first moved to L.A., and the singer invited him on a day out. “We went on a hike when I first moved here,” he said. “There was rock climbing and waterfalls and stuff. I didn’t really know Hayley that well, and she just invited me on this hike which so cool.”

The singer also revealed that he was inspired to raise funds for Montefiore when he recently heard from a fan on the front lines of combating the coronavirus outbreak. “I had this moment where I got a message from a real OG fan who works there, and it felt like a real universe sign,” he said.

Max’s Billboard Live A-Home isn’t available to rewatch, but you can still donate to Montefiore Medical Center here.

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