McDonald’s 4 Patty Double Big-Mac Available For Limited Time

McDonald’s Double Big Mac will include 4 patties and contain 720 calories, the Little Mac alternative will also be available in stores for a limited time only.

McDonald’s recently announced that they will have two new Big Mac items on their menu. The “Double Big Mac” and “Little Mac” are premium variations of the world-wide phenomenon that is the original Big Mac Sandwich. McDonald’s offers the new sandwiches for those who are either tired of their go-to order or are willing to try something new. The Double Big Mac and Little Mac are only scheduled to be available for a limited time, and although they might return, McDonald’s is sure the novelty will pull you in. 

The Double Big Mac will cost patrons USD$5.49 for a sandwich that will include a whopping 4 patties and 720 calories with 43 grams of fat. For those who love the taste of the signature Big Mac (), but cannot justify the burger, the Little Mac will also be made available. The Little Mac will cost USD$2.29, featuring a single patty, and just a dollop of the signature mac sauce. 

McDonald's 4 Patty Double Big-Mac Available For Limited Time Joe Raedle/Getty Images

McDonald’s has flirted with variations of the Big Mac internationally in the past, including the Giga Big Mac in Japan, which was 3 times the size of the original Big Mac. We can only imagine what the  would feel like after that. 

Are you guys excited to try out the new Big Mac’s?

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