Meek Mill Cuts Ties with Vory After Leaked Footage Showing Him Threatening Girlfriend

Meek Mill has announced that he’s cutting ties with his artist Vory. This happened after a video leaked showing Vory threatening his girlfriend with violence.

Vory has been signed to Meek’s Dreamchasers imprint since 2022 and collaborated with several several high profile artists. Meek announced via Twitter that Vory will not be a part of his Dreamchasers Records company going forward. “This guy is not a dream chaser! He has a mental problem! We cutting ties we don’t care how ya music sound,” Meek wrote alongside a retweet of the video. “He been ducking my calls for months telling people I’m threatening him… stopped alot of people dude he is not dreamchaser!”

Vory released last album Lost Souls in 2022 which featured the likes of Kanye West, Nav and more.

Meek had revealed last summer that he was working on two new albums, one which was a collab project with Vory.

On her Instagram Stories, she further expanded on other incidents with him. “@Vory you are a disgusting person, you want to paint me out to be this ‘whore’ / bad person. When it’s you!!” she wrote. “I don’t want to be with you or take your Valentine’s Day gift or spend time with you as a family because of all this shit you’ve put me through for TWO years so you go on social media and tell lies and try to spread this false narrative.”