Meek Mill Used To Lie About Signing To Jay-Z Before He Actually Did

Guess that’s what makes him a Dream Chaser.

$100,000/year or dinner with Jay-Z? This thought experiment has been posed for years. It is based on an assumption that a sizeable faction of people think Jay’s business acumen is so sharp that, within the span of a dinner, he could bestow you with the requisite knowledge to secure a yearly salary that exceeds $100k. These people believe Hov is one of the most valuable assets to have in their corner and they have good reason to believe that. It appears being under his wing is such a surefire mark of success that some decide to boast about being affiliated with him when that’s not even the case. 

“The Breakfast Club” host, Charlamagne Tha God, shared a meme on Instagram that reads: “N****z get around chicks & be like ‘Yo bro you think I was wrong for not signing with Jay-Z.'” Artists who have actually penned a deal with The Roc have likely dropped this line before, but the meme also calls out those who totally lie about having any affiliation with Jay.

was perfectly willing to fess up to telling this lie before. “I used to do this lol when I was like 14 …. I spoke it into existence,” Meek commented on Charlamagne’s post. Meek isn’t embarrassed to admit he used this pick-up tactic because of how impressive it is that he actually signed a management deal with Roc Nation in 2012 and . SchoolBoy Q also claimed “It’s me” under the meme, but who could tell when he’s being serious or not?  

Meek Mill Used To Lie About Signing To Jay-Z Before He Actually Did

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