Meek Mill's Judge Didn't Suggest He Should Drop Roc Nation

Unfortunately for rapper Meek Mill, what appeared to bea bombshellin his legal team’s attempts to get Judge Genece Brinkley thrown f his case for misconduct, has turned out to be untrue.

According to court transcripts released by the court and acquired by The Philadelphia Inquirer, Brinkley never suggested that Meek drop Roc Nation and hire her friend, Charlie Mack. On the contrary, the transcript reportedly reveals that it was Meek Mill’s probation ficer who made the suggestion.

“What I like about Charlie, he is not invested in Meek Mills. He is invested in Robert Williams Meek’s real name],” the probation ficer said, according to the transcript.

To further diminish Meek’s legal team’s accusations against Brinkley, the transcript reveals that she actually attempted to distance herself from any management talk, stating, “I don’t want the record to suggest who your management is or is not.”

In addition to the Roc Nation/Charlie Mack allegations, Meek’s legal team also accused Brinkley requesting that the rapper remake Boyz II Men’s “On Bended Knee,” and shout her out on the song. The transcript that conversation has not been released.

Amidthis latest blow to Meek, further drama has surrounded his court appearancesfollowing news that a courthouse clerk asked him for financial assistance for her son’s tuition.

The woman, who has since been fired, slipped Meek the note during his probation violation hearing.

Meek has still managed to stay busy while behind bars, donating $10,000 to Colin Kaepernick’s Million Dollar Pledge campaign.