Meet Kill Santana, an inspiring artist that won’t stop blowing up with co-signs from iayze, destroy lonely, & more

Originally from Long Island NY, Kill Santana has been doing music since 2016, and throughout this time has gain a ton of traction and has been noticed by a ton of big underground stars, with upcoming features with artists like destroy lonely, iayze , & autumn.

Kill Santana is with the collective NPCK, which has gained a ton of recognition lately from the underground community, with growing fans weekly. Kill Santana is the prime member of the collective, being one of the most talented and dedicated in the underground, and with his hard work finally paying off.

Kill Santana also has collabs coming up with yeat, lucki, & others, which are all artists with a ton of traction, which only adds to Kill Santana versatility and image.

Kill Santana tape “LONE$TAR” drops soon, and is gonna be huge, with many big features and crazy versatility, Kill Santana has found a way to perfect his sound. With recent success drops like his “KILLTWINS” which is currently going up in numbers with hit songs “Dolo” & “Houston”

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