Meet The Rapper Who’s Accusing Kendrick Lamar of Stealing His Creation

Plagiarism in popular music is a timeless phenomenon, with decades of public legal fights and centuries of well-documented sonic improprieties the world over. But as an increasing number of cases between big-money parties have headed to court over the past several years, copyright cases have been a growing topic in the public zeitgeist. And, as Led Zeppelin’s victorious legal battle over the originality of iconic rock song Stairway To Heaven shows, the outcome historically favors the accused.

Milan is the latest rapper to accuse a big name of stealing his hard work. While the story took place in 2012, we can’t help but feel some type of way about the whole situation.

When LA based rapper was working with famous producers at T.H.C, they ended up stealing his creation and offering it to Kendrick Lamar, who later used it in his “M.A.A.D. City Feat (MC Eiht)”, released in 2012. While things may not be perfect all the time, you’ve got to try your hardest to make things work. That’s a major theme in Milan’s new song “Ridin Rollercoaster,” where speaks about riding a never ending rollercoaster, using his soulful voice to cover the hook. This is the first song we get to hear from Milan and so far, the vibe is velvety smooth.

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