Megan Thee Stallion Is Being Sued for Allegedly Forcing a Cameraman to Watch Her Have Sex in A Moving Car


Megan Thee Stallion is the latest female star to be hit with a lawsuit for workplace harassment after a camera operator she employed filed a suit claiming she forced him to watch her have sex in a moving car. According to NBC News Emilio Garcia filed his lawsuit today in Los Angeles County Superior Court, claiming Thee Stallion bullied him into silence over the incident.

Garcia claims that while in Ibiza, Spain with Megan in June 2022, he accompanied the Houston rapper in an SUV with three other women. He said that she had sex with one of them in the moving vehicle, and that later, Megan questioned him about it, ordering, “Don’t ever discuss what you saw.” Garcia also asserts that during the trip, the rapper fat-shamed him, calling him a “fat bitch” and telling him to “spit your food out.”

He says after the trip, his compensation structure was changed from a monthly flat rate to work-for-hire, requiring him to submit an invoice after each job; the change was followed by a reduction in assignments. Garcia wants more than six figures for “unpaid wages, unpaid overtime wages and other employee benefits,” as he quit his job in 2019 to work for Meg full-time, but was classified as an independent contractor.

In August 2023, singer Lizzo was also sued for workplace harassment by former dancers who claimed she forced them into a team-building night at a strip club. She has since requested to have the case dismissed.