Megan Thee Stallion Rejects G-Eazy’s Advances In Viral Clip Of Rappers In Nightclub

Megan Thee Stallion and G-Eazy dating rumors ran rampant until the Houston Hottie laid them to rest, but a new video shows that G-Eazy was putting in work to get his Houston Hottie.

When celebrities descended on Miami for the Super Bowl in February, the party scene was absolute chaos. Artists were capitalizing on stacking checks by making club appearance and those who weren’t there to make money were enjoying the nightlife. While there were plenty of photos and videos making the rounds on social media, the clip of kissing on stole attention 

In the video, Megan and G-Eazy look to be laying on a couch in a room with other people as the Bay Area rapper kisses on the side of her face and neck. Megan smiles and doesn’t seem as interested in the exchange, but after he shared a picture of her to his Instagram page, people speculated that G-Eazy had split up with his model girlfriend and linked romantically with Megan.

She swiftlywith G-Eazy, sharing that they are just friends and nothing more. Recently, a video clip of the two rappers has surfaced showing them out at a nightclub together, placing their relationship in the spotlight once again. In the clip that looks to be from the same evening months ago, Megan’s song plays overhead and G-Eazy stands behind her. The two are talking to each other, but G-Eazy tries to slyly tip She smoothly rejects the offer and turns her head. Can’t blame a guy for trying. Watch it below.

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