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Members Of The Wu-Tang Clan Answer Questions For The Fans

Wu-Tang Clan for the children.

Three members of the recently sat down for a chat with WIRED on the Autocomplete interview. The rappers answered the most searched questions about them on the internet. Precisely, U-God, Inspectah Deck and Mastah Killah answered inquiries underlying the origin and meaning of the name “Wu-Tang Clan” as well as queries surrounding how the famous group came about. With a comedic take on their answers to many of the questions posed, the video offers the 411 on everything you may have ever wondered about the Wu-Tang Clan

The most recent news surrounding the legendary Hip Hop group involved the . The honor was granted by their hometown to commemorate the iconic clan’s musical and artistic contributions in the past decades. Several members of the Wu-Tang Clan spoke up about the honor and even attended the commemoration.

shared a video, his Instagram account, showing the reveal of the Wu-Tang Clan district sign. The video amassed a total of over 100K views. While offered a speech, referring to the honorary moment as a “dream” and celebrating the group’s 25-year streak prior to their commemoration. 

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