Memphitz Sends Surprisingly Sweet Message to Toya Wright Following Birth of Her Baby Girl

The internet is a petty place that feeds f hate and shade. But its not all bad all the time. There are good people out there spreading positivity. Take, for example, Toya Wrights ex-husband Memphitz.

Following the birth Toya Wrights baby girl Reign, he took to Instagram to congratulate Toya and his one-time stepdaughter.

Congrats T & NaE. Reign is Beautiful, he wrote on Instagram. Happy to see you both Happy regardless. Full #blessings @colormenae & @toyawright -Mickey

Clearly, Mickey isnt as angry at the way Toya lives her life as Khia is. The celebrity gossip star recently trashed Toya for still having her married moniker even though shes divorced.

Once you get a divorce you need to give that n**ga back his last name, she said.

She went on to talk trash about Toya and her partner, disparaging the baby Reign before she was even born and implying that somehow having two children in 19 years made Wright a loose woman.

Reginae and Toya were not having it. They attacked the gossip host in a classic example feeding the troll.

We calling out, we want Khia, Toya said in an ill-advised response video. F**k Khia ol dirty a** worrying about other people all the time. Go make you a hit.

Reginae jumped in to point out that Toya didnt need the negativity.

My mother is pregnant right now, she said, before turning on Khias own shortcomings. Obviously, shes obsessed with Trina shes mad that she could never be the baddest.

A bum that sits on the internet and talks about people all day because she dont have a life. Thats who she is. Old lame a**, Toya explained. Do not send me no videos about no bums.

Reginae doubled down on the idea that Khia really shouldnt be stomping all over the name a pregnant woman.

She has a daughter in her stomach who will come across that video, she said. Youre so disrespectful.