Miami Design District Showcases a Pastel-Hued Sci-Fi Vision in “Beyond Belief”


Miami Design District (MDD) has unveiled its official video campaign. Co-produced by design studio Made Thought, and Argentinian animators 2Veinte, the 49-second animated video imaginatively captures the hub’s cultural engineer, Craig Robins’ vision of a “laboratory for creativity.”

Nodding to the neighborhood’s former landscape, the video set scenes on a pineapple farm and stars a female character. At the center of the farm, dwells a dome-shaped exhibit, which instantly transports the female to a futuristic vision of the land — now thriving with creativity and inspiration from every corner.

Speaking on the art direction and overall concept of the video, a Made Thought representative said, “From vibrant art and culture to fantastic architecture, The Miami Design District is larger than life and unlike any other destination. When we set about capturing that energy, animation and illustration leaned itself to futuristic sci-fi world-building in a way that photography never could. It allowed us to create a fantastic, hyperreal environment that transcends merely depicting the neighborhood, and instead seeks to capture the spirit of it.”

Within the campaign, both creative companies also took liberties with specific landmarks of the district, by “rendering office buildings as hanging gardens, the Bouroullec Brother’s Nuage became futuristic floating disks.” Meanwhile, ” The Buckminster Fuller Fly’s Eye Dome became a portal, acting as a bridge to the futuristic world of the district,” according to Made Thought. The representative adds, “Instead of replicating exactly what the neighborhood looks like we sought to reflect what it feels like. The major landmarks and stunning architecture are represented in the film but act as set pieces for our characters to interact with and further the narrative of the film.”

Watch the campaign video above, and visit MDD’s official website to read more about the video’s inspirations and behind-the-scenes.

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