Michelle Obama Earns $36 Million For "Becoming" Memoir

Michelle Obama earned herself quite the paycheck from her “Becoming” memoir that will also be featured on Netflix as a documentary.

In the wise words of : Rake it up. Back in November 2018, Michelle Obama released her best-selling memoir, Becoming. The former First Lady embarked on a 34-city book tour where she met with her admirers at her open discussions and intimate gatherings with a film crew by her side. The Becoming documentary is , making the book and feature lucrative money-making deals. How much money are we talking? Somewhere around $36 million for the book deal alone, according to Forbes.

Michelle Obama Earns $36 Million For "Becoming" Memoir
Paul Morigi / Stringer / Getty Images

The business news outlet shared the surprising number on their Instagram page in a caption to a photo of Michelle Obama. They wrote, “$36 million. That is how much Michelle Obama made from her memoir, ‘Becoming,’ after selling 10 million copies in 2019, making her the third-highest-paid author of last year.”

They also gave a bit “Now for the first time since launching a production company, the former first lady will star in a documentary named after her memoir. The film is set to debut on Netflix on May 6 and will follow her as she toured the country promoting her blockbuster book. It will focus on the group discussions she had on the road with fans and give a behind-the-scenes peek at her life.” A number like $36 million is enough to make anyone want to start writing down their life story.

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