Mike Jones Responds To Quavo Comparisons: "He Sound Like Me!"

Mike Jones has been getting some messages about how he “sounds like Quavo” on his hit “Back Then,” the only thing is — the song came out 13 years ago. Jones shared a message from a fan on Instagram where they compared the mid-00s smash to the Migos rapper, and it prompted Jones to set the timeline straight. “Lol he sound like me! I was here 1st!” he wrote, as well as letting the fan know that he is back in the studio. “my new single “Sauce” is out everywhere!”

In a separate tweet, Mike clarified that he has “nothing but love” for Quavo. It seems the Houston emcee is just confused by people telling him he sounds like a rapper that emerged a good 8 years after the single. “don’t kno why people keep coming to me, saying I sound like him, when I don’t!’ he said. “I’m not hating, and not trying to get publicity from this, the people keep hitting me, it’s enough money for everybody.”

As far as the comparisons go, it’s more about similarities in the two rappers voices than their styles. Jones’ flow is all Houston, while Quavo rarely breaks from the triplets he and his collaborators have popularized among Atlanta’s new wave (where that came from is a whole ‘nother story). In case you were too young to catch Jones’ hit at the time, listen to it below (and check out “Still Tippin'” while you’re at it).

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