Missy Elliott Attributes 30lbs Weight Loss To Purging Soda & Bread

At 46 years old, Missy Elliott is looking radiant as ever. In just 4 months, the Virginia-born rapper has implemented a new dietary plan that doesn’t come at the cost of her sweet-tooth. Her step by step approach is difficult to ascertain with the added-help of footnotes, but Missy insists she has Soda and Bread to thank for holding her back.

Since eliminating the gluten based products from her diet she has maintained an equilibrium and lost 30 excess pounds of weight. You see, in Missy’s previous life, she was never much of a water drinker. But now with the restoration of her healthy “glow” she has become a firm believer in the famous rule of 8 regular sized glasses of water per day, if not more. Missy also reports the disappearance of a “sluggish feeling” she had grown accustomed to in the absence of water. 

With all the sacrifices Missy has made to look this radiant well into her 40s, she is allowing herself roughly “two cupcakes per month” as a compensatory reward. According to Livestrong, her diet is more adequately explained as the quantifiable expulsion of sugar. Sugar has a nasty habit of weakening the immune system, which in turn effects the aging process, one day at a time.

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