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Moby Rich's 'Get High' Exclusive

Moby Rich premiered the music video for their new single “Get High” on Wednesday (March 24), exclusively to Billboard.

In the clip, the L.A.-based pop duo — made up of Maxwell Joseph and Connor Pledger — find themselves snatched from their bedroom and abducted by aliens in a barren desert. “Locked inside this room inside my mind/ And I’m staring out the window/ I’m a space cadet but I can fly in my/ Concrete suit, lead boots/ I wanna get high,” the pair croon as they bond with the fishy extraterrestrials over hula hoops, badminton and shooting laser guns.

“This song is all about the desire to never want to come down, to always feel good, to ‘stay up,'” the band tells Billboard. “As unrealistic of a feat that it is, we wanted to write a tribute to our never-ending search for ever lasting happiness, joy and euphoria.”

“We wanted to make the song really just about the journey we all take on as humans to navigate life looking for these pockets of extreme ecstasy,” they continue, “and then getting a reality check when we come down from that high and realize the balance of things.”

“Get High” follows Moby Rich’s string of singles throughout 2019 — including “Loser,” “Happy Pill” and “Yoko Ono” — and will serve as the lead single to the band’s upcoming third EP of original music.

Check out the exclusive premiere of “Get High” below.

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