Mugun – If I Kweff [Video]

Coventry’s own Mugun delves deep into the psyche of self on the pensive, brooding and bullish ‘If I Kweff’. A versatile and culturally diverse artist, Mugun has gained a reputation for his sui generis, divisive style, merging differing strands of UK rap together into one individualistic and expressive sound. On ‘If I Kweff’, the artist amalgamates a misty instrumental, socially conscious songwriting and colourful delivery to construct an earnestly eccentric track, accompanied by a thought-provoking, cinematic and well shot video.

The spine-tingling instrumental revolves around foreboding keys and an airy vocal sample that float around in the background of sparse percussion and subby, haunting bass. The production is crunchy and dangerous, with ominous sonic depth in the mix. The vocal tonality is reciprocal with the production, as Mugun’s deep, dark and precise voice weaves and attacks the beat through memorable flows and striking bars. The lyrical narrative is compelling and often rhetorical, discussing his self and his surroundings in a unique and provocative manner. 

Condensed, concise and measured, Mugun has produced an understated masterpiece of social commentary and strong vibes. An artist who has been around for a second now, it is about time that Mugun started getting some of the major league attention his talent deserves. 

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