Myles Igwe’s Ozo Chair Is Rooted in Nigerian Pride


Emerging designer, Myles Igwe crafts a vision of Nigerian pride with his Ozo Chair.

Before getting into the design, the chair’s “Ozo” title references the traditional hierarchical system of the Igbo people of Eastern Nigeria. As a title of success, integrity, good moral standing and chief status, the chair pays homages to the deeply personal sentiments of his culture.

To bring forth this vision, the Ozo chair was crafted in Enungu, Nigeria from African mahogany and stainless steel. Its curved body and black circular stainless steel base offer a sense of balance between form and texture. Inherently minimal, the chai’s essence fosters an air of fused cultural reverence and “restrained opulence.” To complete the chair, Igwe used locally sourced materials and artisans.

“The Ozo Chair is a love letter and an embrace of my own fragility, of what I am about to face,” said Igwe. “It is a crafted interpretation and how I can personally resonate with this moment.”

Myles Igwe’s Ozo Chair will be on view at WantedDesign’s Launch Pad in NYC from May 21-23.

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