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Mz Genesiz Drops Empowering Debut Album Checkmate

Mz Genesiz has just dropped new music. Following-up on her powerful singles called “Shook,” “CheckMate,” and “Super Press,”  the skilled artist, rapper, author, and businesswoman, is back with the full album she had teased a while ago and titled Checkmate. She has dedicated her whole energy to empower women into pursuing their dreams and fully realize them. Not just a conceptual artist, she wants concrete steps to be taken by each woman around the world, to make their visions come to life in the most impactful ways possible. 

She leads by example, and her professional activities speak for themselves, as she is able to combine various roles at once; being an author, businesswoman, and rapper, while promoting the message that young girls can be successful without exploiting their sexuality. 

While the world needs more artists and businesswoman like Mz Genesiz, she doesn’t wait for anyone to get the job done for her, and her new album Checkmate, is the ultimate proof of a driven human being with a fighting spirit rare to find nowadays among artists in the music industry. “Boss up and conquer the world with self-respect” is her number one advice to the younger generations of girls, and she gracefully delivers it throughout Checkmate’s impressive tracklist. 

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