Nas Gives Moving Speech At Billboard Hall Of Fame Ceremony

Earlier this week, Billboard hosted their 2023 R&B/Hip-Hop Power Players event. The event saw Nas being inducted into Billboard’s Hip Hop Hall Of Fame. The artist stepped on stage amid the honor, giving a heartfelt acceptance speech. During the speech, he opened up about the reason he began making music, revealing that he did it for the love of the art form. He continued, sharing that he used to see awards shows as “the devil,” however, he’s grateful that’s he’s beginning to be properly recognized for his contributions to the genre.

“I’m starting to win awards in my third prime. I never won awards in the ’90s,” Nas began, “thank you Billboard, before I get into all of that.” The rapper continued, “This is cool. 49 years old, I’m about to turn 50 along with hip hop, man. And I’m starting to see awards, too. I didn’t get into it for awards, we got into it because we love the art form. The art form has been vampired and sent through all kind of sh*t that keep the pioneer from touching anything.”

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Nas Inducted Into Billboard’s Hip Hop Hall Of Fame

The artist went on to describe watching the genre develop. He also mentioned some of his own personal inspirations, explaining how he’s grateful to be around to see hip hop turn 50, even just as a spectator. “When this sh*t was underground, from seeing it from back then, I’m just so honored to still be alive to see it be 50 years as a fan,” he said. Nas continued, expressing his gratitude for being able to win awards despite pushing 50.

The east cost hip hop legend has certainly earned his place in the Hip Hop Hall Of Fame. Known for his creativity and ability to tell stories like no other, he’s paved the way for countless other MCs. Nas also just recently dropped a follow-up to his 2021 album Magic with Hit-Boy, Magic 2. The LP is his sixteenth full-length effort, featuring the likes of 50 Cent and 21 Savage.

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