NBA Players Reportedly Sneaking Into Closed Gyms To Practice

NBA players appear to be quite desperate to get back onto the court.

Being an athlete has been fairly hard over the last month and a half as every single sport in the world has been shut down due to the Coronavirus. The NBA and NHL were arguably the hardest hit by this pandemic as they were just about to reach their postseasons. NBA fans have been begging for some fresh games to watch and the 

NBA players haven’t been allowed to go to private gyms to workout and instead, have been told to stay home. According to a report from The Athletic, some players have been sneaking into gyms in secret, so that they can get their necessary workouts in. Clearly, the players are doing everything possible to avoid going stir crazy.

Per The Athletic:

“As of now, no player is allowed into his team’s facility or some other gym to work out. Development staffers are not supposed to be working with the players. If a player has a private gym at home, great. Many have said they do not. Others, according to multiple sources, are practicing secretly on their own at gyms that are supposed to be closed.”

The NBA has stated that teams will be allowed to return to their gyms as of May 8th although this could be an issue for teams whose states are still closed. Needless to say, it’s a slow burn before the league gets up and running again.

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