NBA Youngboy’s Cat Discusses His Drug Use In Bizarre Instagram Post

Fans are concerned after a strange post was made to NBA Youngboy’s cat’s Instagram account. Earlier this month Youngboy apparently got a new cat called Neon and like many celebs have done, he made Neon a separate Instagram account. While the first picture posted to the account is about what you’d expect, the second one completely threw fans for a loop. In a post made yesterday a picture of Neon and Youngboy together was shared with an alarming caption. It’s me neon. I been seeing a lot my dad so unhealthy it’s scary even his mental he blows his money making people smile who don’t care to see the signs that’s literally in they face 20xanxz a day please #helpPs. My bowl Celine and my first birkin Bag otw …. But really matters him,” the caption reads.

Many fans quickly jumped to the conclusion that the post was made by NBA Youngboy himself reaching out for help. Furthermore a lot of people were hung up on just how surreal it is for Youngboy to post this message from his cats perspective. But while others took the opportunity to poke fun at the absurdity of it all, others saw it as a legit cry for help. we see the signs neon nobody can help him but himself,” one of the top comments on the post reads. “These comments are disgusting. This many crying out and y’all in here laughing and not taking him serious. “It’s nothing we can do”. Say something positive! Shower him with love in the comments!” encourages another commenter.

NBA Youngboy’s Cat Causes Instagram Stir

NBA Youngboy has kept his fans fed with new music all year. He’s already released three new projects in 2023 alone. He opened the year with the 20-track I Rest My Case which had no features on it. Subsequently he followed that up with Don’t Try This At Home. The album had some high profile features with Nicki Minaj, Post Malone, and The Kid LAROI all joining in. Afterwards he followed that up with 17 more tracks on his newest mixtape Richest Opp back in May.

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