Ne-Yo’s Wife Crystal Smith Goes Off On IG Following Split

Ne-Yo’s estranged wife Crystal Smith rapped passionately about being a “bad b*tch” on IG stories after confirming her split from her husband.

After rumours that she and husband had split spread this week, Crystal Smith was acting like a “bad b*tch” on Instagram while rapping along to some female empowering lyrics. Crystal shared multiple Instagram stories of herself driving around after dropping her kids off, in which she raps along to a bad b*tch anthem.

Ne-Yo's Wife Crystal Smith Goes Off On IG Following SplitFrazer Harrison/Getty Images

Filming herself behind the steering wheel, Crystal gave it her all while rapping along to the lyrics, “laughing to the bank with some money hoe.” She continued, spitting, “tell you broke b*tches, ain’t sh*t funny though. F*ck a dollar and a dream. I’m gonna stay woke and holding the real thing. I don’t do it for the gram, b*tch I do it for the green…I can show you silly h*es how to get it, I be on some no drama, just cash….When a boss b*tch speak all the b*tches follow.”

Ne-Yo's Wife Crystal Smith Goes Off On IG Following Split

This display of unbothered energy comes shortly after rumours broke that Crystal and husband Ne-Yo had parted ways. While, Crystal confirmed their separation to Baller Alert on Monday. She made sure to highlight that regardless of the status of their relationship, Ne-Yo continues to be an “amazing father.”

According to a Jasmine Brand source, Crystal is ready to file for divorce by the end of the month. The couple met in 2015 and wed in the following year. They have two sons together, Shaffer Smith Jr and Roman Alexander-Raj Smith.

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