Neil Patrick Harris Opens Up About Whoopi Goldberg Promising Him Sex In The 80s

Once upon a time, Neil Patrick Harris and Whoopi Goldberg labored collectively on a film referred to as Clara’s Heart when he was nonetheless a young person. In one of many extra awkward exchanges to be captured on reside tv in a while, Harris recounted dialog from the late 80s through which Whoopi promised to make whoopee with the teenager actor as soon as he got here of age.

In gentle of the actual fact Whoopi Goldberg was sitting proper subsequent to him, reside on The View, Harris determined to go forward along with his story.

“You know, I did my first film ever with Whoopi Goldberg — a film referred to as ‘Clara’s Heart’ — and we labored collectively on that,” he mentioned because the daytime section was being taped. “And she informed me — I used to be 15, 16 years previous — she informed me on my final day of capturing that in 10 years time she was going to have intercourse with me.”

Harris’ revelation prompted a clumsy silence from Whoopi and a row of laughter from the group. Not solely did Harris excuse Whoopi for the presumed indecency, he even acknowledged that he was trying ahead to their probability sexual encounter — Oh the irony.

Whoopi’s snappy retort to Harris’ joke they go forward as deliberate: “Well, if I can discover it, you’ll be able to have it!”

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