Netflix Revives True-Crime Series "The Staircase" That Will Leave You Puzzled

If you’re a fan of True Crime shows or just murder mysteries overall, then get ready for Netflix’s upcoming series that looks at the 2001 real-life murder of Kathleen Peterson who died after falling down a staircase. Michael Peterson found his wife and called 911, but once police arrived at the scene he was seen as the suspect. His innocence was questioned for two years where he was finally convicted of murder.

The case has a shocking turn of events as Michael became associated with a death 11 years prior to his wife with a woman who also died by falling down a staircase. The revival of the crime will look at all the police evidence, from both sides, and will also explore the idea of tainted justice. 

“At the center of ‘The Staircase’ is Peterson’s belief that he was never given a fair trial, that the system is one that cannot be trusted,” a critic said of the show. “And as the documentary shows, he’s not wrong in this belief, especially as many of the testimonies that helped convict him at the end of the earlier episodes are eventually proven to be fabricated or false.”

Watch the trailer below and catch the premiere on June 8th.

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