NewJeans Shares Refreshing “Zero” Music Video With Coca-Cola


It may only be April but one thing has already been made clear about 2023: it is the year of NewJeans. The young K-Pop girl group burst onto the scene in 2022 and was met with international praise that has since propelled them forward throughout the first months of the year. As a result, they’ve starred in promotional material with Nike, McDonald’s and now Coca-Cola. Named global ambassadors of the giant beverage conglomerate just days ago, NewJeans has released a new track with an accompanying music video in celebration of Coca-Cola Zero.

Titled “Zero,” the track begins with bubbly production backing a thematic verse. However, as soon as the chorus chimes in, the commercialization of the track becomes unmistakably apparent as the group harmonizes with a repeating line that translates to “Coca-Cola is tasty” and “See you looking, catch it, here’s your Cola” following it in English. Looking beyond the product placement, the remainder of the track sees NewJeans’ fresh sound further evolve with catchy flows in a fusion of Korean and English.

Check out the music video for “Zero” above and stay tuned for more NewJeans headlines as they continue their ascent as one of K-Pop’s most in demand groups.

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