NFL 100: HHS1987’s Terrell Thomas’ 2019 NFL Week 2 (Predictions)

NFL 100: HHS1987’s Terrell Thomas’ 2019 NFL Week 2 (Predictions)

If you thought Week 1 the 2019 NFL season was action packed, Week 2 won’t disappoint you.


If your team is entering Week 2 without a win on the young season, don’t worry, anything is possible on any given Sunday. There are a few big name who will make an impact on the field today and on Monday night.


One the biggest stories the week has been New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold missing time with Mono. In the same division, the New England Patriots are making noise after signing wide receiver Antonio Brown. No word on if Brown will play for the Pats but I believe he will.


Before you get set for a day entertainment, checkout My Week 2 for the 2019 NFL season. Follow @eldorado2452 on Twitter and Instagram for all your sports news.

NFL 2019 Week 2 Predictions

Cardinals 21 Ravens 23

Chargers 17 Lions 31

Colts 28 Titans 17

49ers 27 Bengals 24

Jaguars 14 Texans 35

Vikings 24 Packers 21

Cowboys 31 Redskins 16

Seahawks 30 Steelers 27

Bills 17 Giants 14

Patriots 35 Dolphins 12

Chiefs 42 Raiders 35

Saints 25 Rams 28

Bears 14 Broncos 10

Eagles 37 Falcons 17

Browns 28 Jets 18

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