Nicki Minaj Accuses Billboard Of Threatening To Take Away “Pink Friday 2” Sales

Recently, Nicki Minaj took to X to announce that she’d be giving some of the Barbz an opportunity to select songs to appear on the deluxe edition of Pink Friday 2. Per the terms of the contest, she asked them to provide proof that they purchased all four versions of the album either digitally or on vinyl. She quickly let them know, however, that Billboard tried to put the kibosh on her contest, threatening to take away some of her album sales for requesting proof of purchase.

“Been discussing my 100 barbz contest for months,” she wrote. “They said billboard reached out to say they gon take away sales for me telling y’all about the 100 barbz thing. Can’t wait until these next 6 hours are up so I can tell y’all some sh*t. You can give out millions in cashapp money tho. Lol. So barbz, me asking you to show PROOF of something that was already DELIVERED OR PURCHASED IS AGAINST THE RULES. SO pls disregard. Apologies.”

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Nicki Minaj Puts Billboard On Blast

Nicki went on to tell her fans not to buy or stream the album anymore, accusing Billboard and other companies of trying to “bring her down.” She noted how other artists have done similar contests with no consequences, and claims that they’re targeting her in particular. “They changed all those other rules specifically for me yet their own ‘ppl’ are the ones suffering from it & will CONTINUE to,” she said in a subsequent Tweet. “I don’t need any validation. Album is phenomenal & my fans as well as others love it. But they’re soooooooooo angry they couldn’t stop me.”

Regardless, it doesn’t look like Nicki’s letting the debacle get her down, as she went on to let everyone know she isn’t worried about sales. “Threatening me…like what? Huh?” she wrote. “You don’t scare me. Take away all the sales y’all want. I’ve never not ended up feeling sorry for my enemies. Read that line again. God is in control.” What do you think of Nicki Minaj calling out Billboard for allegedly threatening to take away Pink Friday 2 sales over her contest? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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