Nicki Minaj And Her Husband Kenneth Petty Were Reportedly Ordered To Pay $500,000 For An Alleged Assault Of A Security Guard


Nicki Minaj is currently earning millions of dollars on the road as part of her Pink Friday 2 World Tour, but it looks like she’s going to have to fork some over. The “Barbie Dangerous” rapper and her husband, Kenneth Petty, have reportedly received a hefty bill from the Los Angeles courts.

According to Rolling Stone, on Friday, March 22, the couple was ordered to pay $500,000 to a former security guard who worked one of Minaj’s concerts. The former venue staffer, Thomas Weidenmuller, alleged that while on staff for Minaj’s 2019 show in Frankfurt, Germany, he was viciously assaulted by Petty.

The supposed incident, which reportedly resulted in Weidenmuller’s broken jaw, took place backstage. In the original lawsuit’s documentation, Weidenmuller alleged Petty attacked him from behind, punching him in the face as retribution for Weidenmuller coming to the defense of his female colleague. Weidenmuller also claimed Minaj attempted to attack him by throwing a shoe but ultimately missed.

Weidenmuller initially sought $721,000 in restitution ($21,000 to cover medical bills and $700,000 for his ongoing injury and emotional pain and suffering). However, the presiding judge landed on $503,318. Minaj and Petty’s non-response to Weidenmuller’s suit led to the default judgment.

The catalyst for the incident allegedly stemmed from a fan breaching the stage as Minaj performed.

Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty have not issued a statement regarding the matter.