Nicki Minaj Clarifies Leaked "Say So (Remix)" Floating Around Isn’t Official Version

Nicki Minaj commented to a fan account that the version of “Say So (Remix)” that some people have heard isn’t what will be released this evening.

We may be quarantined, but this is shaping up to be quite a time for hip hop fans. We already received and Beyoncé’s remix to “Savage,” is dropping his Dark Lane Demo Tapes this evening, and” Fans are excited about the latter and have taken to social media to share the version of Nicki and Doja’s collaboration that has been making the rounds online.

 Nicki Minaj Clarifies Leaked "Say So (Remix)" Floating Around Isn't Official Version
Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty Images

“Say So Remix is out in some countries and it looks like is already credited,” the fan account wrote. “OMG!!!! y’all e gotta get this number one, if we let this slip I’ll never let this go!!!!!!” Nicki was made aware of the post, and she slid in the comments to say that the song people are listening to now isn’t what will be released later this evening.

“This isn’t the official version,” said Nicki. “New one drops soon with diff rap & diff beat.” She reiterated her point again. “Correct one drops tonight. Diff rap. Diff beat.” We’ll just have to wait to hear. Check it out below.

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