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Nicki Minaj "Missing" Posters Being Plastered Across Town By Fans

Is she pregnant? Releasing new music? Or just chillin’?

Last year,  in the summer. Her social media hiatus ended and she went back to interacting with her loyal Barbs on a daily basis. Once again, Nicki has been absent from the game for months. The last time she made a public appearance was at the Met Gala, which happened a month ago. After her strange behaviour at the party, . Now, fans have taken her “missing” status to a new extreme by printing posters of the superstar and asking if anybody has seen her around.

Nicki Minaj "Missing" Posters Being Plastered Across Town By Fans
Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

The last time Nicki impacted social media was in mid-April when she shared a link to her “Wobble Up” appearance on ‘s track. Since then, she’s been nowhere to be found and her fans are starting to get worried. Missing posters are being pasted all over the place with information included to describe the rapper. Nicknames are included with her height, race, and more listed in full detail .

Fans have a few theories that would explain her inactivity. The most popular one seems to be that she’s pregnant.  so there might be one on the way. Another popular reaction is that she’s preparing to drop some new music. If she’s not doing one of the aforementioned things, she’s probably just chilling and enjoying life.

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