Nicki Minaj Pushes Back Release Date For “Pink Friday 2” To Her Birthday

Nicki Minaj has once again rescheduled the release of her highly-anticipated album, Pink Friday 2. Initially, the album was set to drop on October 20, but it was then postponed to November 17. Now, fans can look forward to the album’s release on December 8, a date that holds special significance as it coincides with Nicki Minaj’s birthday. In an Instagram Live session, Nicki Minaj revealed the reasons behind this latest change in the album’s release date. She explained, “Weezy and 2 Chainz, they announced their date. And you know how me and Weezy play. He would never.” Nicki Minaj’s close relationship with fellow rapper Lil Wayne, often referred to as Weezy, is well-known in the music industry. This connection likely played a role in her decision to shift the album’s release date to avoid a scheduling conflict.

However, a deeper conversation with streamer Kai Cenat revealed another crucial factor contributing to the delay of Pink Friday 2. Nicki explained that the unavailability of vinyl albums for shipping on the original release date necessitated the change. Vinyl records have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity, offering fans a tangible and collectible way to experience their favorite music. To ensure that fans have the opportunity to purchase vinyl editions of her album on its release, Nicki Minaj decided to move the date to December 8.

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Nicki Minaj Changes Release Date

Moreover, the update came with additional news. Nicki Minaj will still have exciting surprises for her fans. On November 17, pre-sale tickets for her upcoming tour will become available, allowing Barbz to secure their spots for what promises to be a remarkable concert experience. To add to the excitement, Nicki has an additional significant surprise in store for her fans on the very same day. This further intensifies the anticipation surrounding the album’s release and her upcoming tour.

Nicki Minaj’s decision to delay the release of Pink Friday 2 reflects her commitment to delivering a complete and comprehensive project to her fans. The rescheduling not only accommodates logistical concerns but also heightens the anticipation and excitement for both the album and the accompanying tour. Let us know if you’re excited for new music from Nicki? Comment below on HNHH!

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