Nicki Minaj Reveals Her Next Target Is Roc Nation CEO Desiree Perez

Nicki Minaj has been on a tear over the last few days. Overall, it is being widely debated whether or not this tear has been a good thing. No matter the case, it is clear that she is angry. The reason for her anger stems from the track “Hiss,” in which she and Kenneth Petty are dissed by Megan Thee Stallion. In fact, it seems like Meg may have also taken shots at Tory Lanez and Drake. Either way, Nicki is upset about all of this, and she has been taking to social media to reveal her hatred for Meg.

This morning, Nicki even dropped off her diss track “Big Foot.” Unfortunately for Nicki, this new diss track is not getting the reaction she probably would have hoped for. Instead, people are clowning the diss track, saying that it has some of here worst bars yet. Furthermore, Safaree has begun trending as some think he really did ghostwrite for her. Regardless, Nicki does not care. She is making it clear that she has more gas in the tank, and is not afraid to piss more people off. In fact, in the tweet below, she revealed who her next target will be.

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Nicki Minaj Picks Her Next Move

Desiree Perez is the CEO of Roc Nation, and she is someone who has been name-checked by Nicki in the past. There is clearly some tension there, and Minaj may just fire off a diss track about her, very soon. “On the next song I delve into all the ppl Desiree allegedly fired for unknown reasons…other things as well,” Nicki said. “So many ppl were blind sighted & hurt by her. Allegedly. She’s willing to go broke to try to replace me…? Fix it JESUS.” For now, a release date for this Perez diss is unknown.

Whether or not Nicki releases this track, remains to be seen. However, she seems dead set on going after every single person who has ever wronged her. If nothing else, Nicki is showing us she still has a lot of fire. Tell us your thoughts on Nicki and her recent actions, in the comments section below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for the latest news and updates from around the music world.

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