Nicki Minaj Rushed By Hundreds Of Fans Following Club Appearance

One of the premier talents in hip-hop today, Nicki Minaj is certain to always attract an audience wherever she goes. Before it was announced that she had an album releasing next month, Nicki made very few public appearances in the first four months of 2018 but whenever she did, the public was interested. When she’s busy at work, her fans wait patiently for what is to come and when she’s absent from the game, people take notice. Performing during the season finale of Saturday Night Live’s 43rd iteration, the star enjoyed her home city’s nightlife by making an appearance at the Highline Ballroom in New York City following the show but when she stepped out, she was mobbed by hundreds of her loyal supporters.

With her album out next month, Nicki is gearing up to take back her throne as Queen has had quite the rollout thus far. Minaj only stayed at the musical venue for about 20 minutes before leaving at approximately 4 AM, when she was rushed by an enormous crowd. According to Page Six, fans came in droves to scream Nicki’s lyrics at her as she had to climb on top of her chauffeured vehicle to escape a possible pummelling. The star tried to get in the car as a group of bodyguards and security members attempted to keep the area secure. While it has not been specified, it is likely that Nicki managed to get into the car after several attempts.

During her appearance, the songstress told partiers that her upcoming tour will be her best yet as she prepares to head out to promote the forthcoming Queen. Check out a photo of the “Anaconda” rapper among the hordes of adoring fans here and peep a clip of her “Chun-Li” performance below.

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