Nicki Minaj Says Fans & Label "Bullied" Her

The Barbz refused to wait any longer for Nicki Minaj’s “Yikes” single.

It’s a widely-known fact that has one of the most loyal and lethal fanbases in music. The Barbz will tear the throats of anyone who comes for their queen and will readily list off her accolades to put any detractors in their place. While it must be comforting for Nicki to have these troops in her corner, their intense fanaticism can sometimes turn on her. The rapper should have known that when  that The Barbz would pressure her into releasing it ASAP. 

Unsurprisingly, the intimidation tactics worked and . In a Twitter Q&A with fans celebrating the single’s release, Nicki admitted that the hounding by her stans – and consequently Cash Money Records – led to her rushing the completion of “Yikes”. After being asked how the song came about, Nicki explained, “I was playing a snippet for my crazy fans & they made me put it out. They are bullies. I only had 1 verse done. The label bullied me too. I’ve been bullied.”

Despite Nicki painting herself as a victim in this scenario, “Yikes” appears to have been a major win for her. The song slaps and . 

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