Nicki Minaj Was Reportedly Detained And Searched At An Airport In Amsterdam


Nicki Minaj should be on cloud nine following the expansion of her Pink Friday 2 World Tour. However, the “Barbie World” rapper has experienced some turbulence in the mile high club.

Nicki was reportedly detained and searched at the airport in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Today (May 25), in a video uploaded to her official Instagram page, the entertainer revealed the tail end of an exchange with the supposed pilot of her chartered aircraft. During the encounter, he informed Nicki that her luggage needed to be inspected by local law enforcement after already being cleared by a soft check.

When asked why the matter was escalated, the representative said: “Because you filmed him.”

Nicki went on to explain further in the caption of the post. “They’ve been trying to stop me from coming to every show,” she wrote. “They took my bags before I could see them. Put it on the plane. Now, saying they’re waiting on customs. This is what it looks like when ppl are paid big money to try to sabotage a tour after all else failed. Everything they’ve done is illegal.”

The earlier video in question included her exchanged with a police officer.

It is unclear when the events took place, as Nicki as expected to be in Manchester, England for a sold-out show this evening. However, Nicki’s Amsterdam concert supposedly took place on Thursday, May 23.

Read Nicki Minaj’s full account of the incident below.

This isn’t the first time, Nicki expressed her frustrations after a mix-up with transportation professionals. On April 17, Nicki claimed that while traveling for her Montreal, Canada tour stop, her plane was intentionally being delayed. Eventually, Drake supposedly made a call and the show went on despite the significant delays.