Nicki Minaj’s Collaborator RedOne Doesn’t Mind Her Not Performing “Starships”

During a New Year’s celebration at the start of the month, Nicki Minaj dazzled fans with some tracks from her new album Pink Friday 2. But when her DJ tried to queue up one of her classic hits, she skipped on the track. After teasing fans with the instrumental introduction to “Starships” Nicki made him skip the song. Despite boos from the crowd, she insists that she doesn’t play that song anymore because she doesn’t like it.

That got plenty of fans discussing both the song and Nicki’s take on it. One person with a pretty interesting opinion on her choice to retire the song is the producer who originally helped her craft it in the first place. TMZ caught up with RedOne to ask him some questions about the song being retired. “I have the utmost respect for Nicki Minaj and I love her work very much. I will always respect an artist’s wishes, I feel very proud to have made that record with her along with the global success it made,” the producer said of her choice to stop performing the song.

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“Starships” Producer Speaks On Nicki Minaj Skipping The Song During Live Shows

During a recent interview on Apple Music, Nicki spoke at length about her new album Pink Friday 2. She discussed playing “FTCU” for J. Cole before the album dropped and his love of the track. She also teased that the song could be getting a new remix soon which led many to speculate Cole could be involved. That led to a discussion about something else Cole told her about doing what’s right for the songs she’s writing above all else.

Nicki Minaj set fan expectations pretty low on any Pink Friday 2 deep cuts getting a music video. Some fan favorite cuts like “Everybody” have taken off since the album dropped but a supplementary music video isn’t likely to follow. What do you think of the producer who made “Starships” sharing his take on Nicki Minaj cutting it from her live sets? Let us know in the comment section below.

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